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For Travelers by Travelers


Lakra Philosophy

 "Dream your ideal life style, manifest your intentions. We design what you wear in your dreams." 

 Anna Montico

 Our designs are devoted to style empowered women who are not afraid of  chasing their dreams around the world.  We understand the needs of travellers because we are travellers ourselves.


We know the importance of versatility and a light luggage, that's why our garments are comfortable, fresh and resistant. Our textiles and patterns are inspired by what we have encountered in our endless journey and are ethically produced here in Indonesia. 


The embroideries are handmade by Javanese women who get to work comfortably from their homes in their villages while providing for their families and the prints are hand made here in Bali using traditional screen printing balinese technique. 


We are sourcing our bags and accessories from indigenous tribes all over the world, from the Moroccan desert to the the Himalayan slopes. We go there, we meet the artisans, shake their hands and trade fairly. We produce and trade prioritising the sustainability of our products and respecting  local traditions.

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